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The Right Age To Start A Relationship

This has been a controversial issue since time immemorial, and this post is my little view about it, please don't read alone, share it and add your opinion as a tree doesn't make a forest.

Personally, i think at the age of 18 anyone is mature enough to start a relationship as such person is expected to be able to handle emotional trauma attached to relationship.

Break up is just one of those issues that might warrant questions when it comes to early relationship as many young ones at a tender age don't really know what they want yet.
We should also not forget that getting into relationship at an early age can affect one's concentration when it comes to education.
Several people started relationship early which worked for them while it led to early destruction for many who could not handle it.

Relationship doesn't recognize age or size of anyone, maturity matters.

There are so many people we consider to be small whereas the way they reason is far better than those we consider to be elderly.

Many people also cannot deal with the submission of ego and familiarity with just one person for too long while some others find it hard to tolerate someone else.

The truth is that we all know our limits and this should guide some of the decisions we make. 

I mentioned 18 years as the appropriate age to start a relationship, this is because 18 years is the recognized maturity age in the laws of most countries. 

This is not to say those younger than that cannot start too, and this should not be a yardstick to start one in case you are younger and not into any relationship and you are reading this. 

Now-a-days, the younger ones are growing faster and are beginning to think and act faster than the older ones, this is where the duties of the parent especially the mother should come in for regulatory purpose. 

I think the mother most times are closer to children and this should lead to friendship so as to be the first to know about issues affecting the child(ren), remember, the iron-hand formula cannot deter children of this age from early relationship.  

Relationship shouldn't be an excuse for failure because no one forced anyone into it. 

I read a thread on Nairaland about a guy who was thinking of breaking up with a girl who happened to be a strong force towards his good grade achievement in the University because the girl kept blaming herself and the relationship for the cause of the drop in GP of the guy. 

Many first class graduates were in relationship even from the beginning of their universal education and managed it to the end. To me, those who managed the relationship and education well can multi-task greatly (personal opinion 😉).

You need to know yourself before making any decision as it might lead to negative end when you start what you cannot handle. 

Relationship is for those that are emotionally, physically and mentally mature and not child's play. 

This is my opinion, kindly make your contribution as it is important to me. 



Picture credit: Bruno Aguirre

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