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Stop Blaming Social Media For The crash Of Any Relationship

It seems many have forgotten that even before the inception of social media relationships have been experiencing issues leading to its breakup, we are only seeing many now because of the advent of social media and not because it is the cause.

Maybe we have forgotten the meaning of social media, you say people should keep their relationship away from social media forgetting it is part of those things that defines what social media is.

You say enmity between social media and relationship is second to non, yet, you flaunt your designer shoes, clothes, jewelries on it for people to know you have arrived, forgetting there are some people watching you who are not happy that you are enjoying life and will do anything to bring you down, but you think relationship should be hidden.

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The funniest thing is that those that preach that relationship should be kept away from social media are those ones interested in seeing what others post while they keep mute, hence, you think they are not available, meanwhile they are available more than those that are posting.

Social media will not be interesting as it is without people posting about them for the purpose of those that truly care.

If you don't want people to know about you why not just stay off social media instead of killing the fun for those that are open?

The fact is that some people are quiet while some others are not and if you cannot tolerate each other there is no point being on social platform.

Relationship breaks not because of social media but because the two involved want it to fold up

Only when you are not sure of the future of the relationship is when you can still hold it to yourself so as to be able to make positive or negative decision as regards the relationship without the fear of anyone asking you about your partner they usually see with you on your social media timeline.

The only relationship we assume social media spoils this days is that of celebrities and this is because we take them to be god which they are not. We look at them as perfect being whereas they are as imperfect as we are as they are also humans.

They have the fan base and many bloggers feed on what ever goes around those celebrities. Hence, they make scene out of irrelevant issues because they know what the fans of those celebrities want to hear. In fact, they pray that they make mistake as it fetches them more traffic and you know the rest.

For a common man, they post pictures and everything that happens in their home on the internet with nobody looking at where they are because no one really cares.

If you can show to the world the latest gadget, car or wears you just acquired I think your partner deserves to be seen with you too, I am not saying every time but once in a while as it makes them feel important, not when you cannot censor what you share for people to see, If you mistakenly go naked they will watch it and you know how that will end.

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The truth is that social media only expose how bad some people are at controlling themselves when they become famous. They cannot keep many things to themselves, they want you to see that they are also "there"and while trying to impress they start exposing their weakness for enemies to feast on which eventually destroys many things for them.

I am not seeing social media as enemy to relationship or happy home, we are the cause of whatever happens to us. Carelessness, ego and to know are major problems causing destruction to many relationships/marriages around us, until we can fight them, then we will have less issue as regard relationship break ups.

This is my opinion, kindly make your contribution as it is important to me.



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