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5 Undeniable Reasons Some Men Want A Full House Wife

This is the continuation of my last post 5 Reasons Why Any Woman Must Be Financially Independent  where i said that it is important for any woman to be earning at least little in order to complement that which the husband earns for the growth of the home and for the sake of the unknown future.

The last post was not meant for just women but for the men too to open their eyes to some realities as only love cannot sustain the family. Lost of job and death may roar their ugly head, any of these two will definitely tell when just one person is the source of income.

Never-the-less, it should be known that most men love the idea of a working wife but are afraid that some other things might come up which will be detrimental to the relationship and running of the home at large.

Here are some of those fears:

1. Women lose respect easily: Most men are of the opinion that women shouldn't be allowed to make money as they do as most women grow wings when they can claim that they toil to make their own money the moment they are financially independent. 
They feel they become arrogant when they are also earning to the point of seeing them the man as minor all because they are also financially involved in running of the home.

2. Race to remain the head: Many men are of the opinion that as the head there are things they must do to remain relevant. 
Providing the resources should be their sole duty, hence, it should be a no go area for a woman as they should be in the kitchen and to take care of the children not just when they(the man) are away but at all times.

3. Fear of the effect of exposure: This is common among men that are promiscuous. They know that when their woman mingles with others, especially men, there is possibility of them having admirers who can become a fierce rival. 
They know that when some men are determined to get a woman they can do everything humanly possible to get them, possibly because they think some women cannot hold their feelings and decisions.
They trust women less because of what they have done to other ladies out there, hence, it becomes uneasy for them to trust and let their woman work too.

4. They see it as the only way to show love: Some men feels the only way to win a woman completely is to make her sit all at home 24/7. They believe so much in giving her every thing she needs that will not make her even think of setting up a business let alone looking for job. 
When she wants sanitary pad during her period or any other thing she should just take from the one given to her or ask at any point in time.

5. Fear of being denied sexual pleasure: Some men that are so active sexually don't love the idea of allowing their woman work because they don't want the complaint of being tired whenever they are ready for the legal matrimonial war in the bed. Like it is the sex they will keep feeding on.

If your man gives you the opportunity to show the world your talent in exchange for money as usual, it is important you make good use of that opportunity. Taking advantage or allowing yourself to be ruled by that female ego, especially when in power should not be your case. 
There is no big deal when you have your own money and still ask for some from him, remember that he might be short of cash and you might be the only saving grace.

Remain humble and respectful even if you are making more than your man as it is still in love he allowed you to face the world as nothing is sure, tomorrow might come and he is nowhere to be found, what will be of you and the child(ren) when such meets you in a complete idle situation?

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