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Try This When Your Relationship Is Not Going As Expected

Many people will advise you to drop any relationship that you seems not to understand its direction anymore forgetting that in all human endeavors we tend to face difficulty but we do all we can to get the issue resolved.

Relationship is one small but mighty issue among human as it has led to the down fall of great men and rise to fame for many others, this alone is enough to determine the extremity of relationship, hence, counseling someone in relationship requires one acting/putting him/herself in the other person's shoes in orther to understand better before giving any advise.

When you don't seems to understand where the ship of your relationship is heading to you need to be sure if you are still in control or not.

you have tried all best possible to put you partner to test when you observe the change in attitude but all proved abortive.

The only thing needed after all other things have been done to either move the relationship forward or to put an end in order to move on is "communication".

Communication here is not just the talking part of it but the facial expression also. This is because most times the word that comes out of our mouth are so deceptive and this will always be in war with our facial expression for someone who can read the lips and the expression, you will always know the truth when you weigh the two means of communication together.

What I am saying in essence is that you need to sit your partner down in a place where there will be no distraction to discuss the way forward. Here you need to be truthful to each other so as not to be stagnant.

Here, you need to tell your partner if you still share that special fever feelings that brought you together in the first place, if you don't abore that feelings it will be very kind of you to put it in a mature way to your partner so that he/she can move on instead of him/her keep being committed to a failed relationship which could even lead to worst situations when you make him/her know or find out what you've been keeping away for some times.

At this point if you still can't say the truth as regards your feelings towards each other, then you will keep struggling as there will be this other you that will keep doing that negative thing that is within you against the relationship because you cannot keep that hidden negative feelings for long unless you want a failed marriage.

I know you will not love the idea of failed marriage, failed relationship is very good, it makes you learn things you need to do to make the next relationship a success if you are lucky to have a partner that will also share same positive view with you.
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When you have tried every other thing to make a relationship that is at the verge of breakup to work and it is still shaking, all you need to do at this stage is physical discussion. Communication is very vital when it comes to handling relationship, you don't need to kill yourself in silence thinking everything is alright when your partner is busy test running, disclosing your mind will bring about the other person revealing some other hidden secrets too.

At the point of communication you don't just need to listen but to also watch the expression behind every word as the expression even speaks volume than the words.

Never be afraid of the outcome of the discussion as it is for your good if you truly know what you want, at the end of it all and after deep thought you will understand better and will be able to make the perfect decision.

This is just my opinion, kindly add your contribution, it is 9important to me.



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