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The Most Anticipated Manual To Keep A Man

I know you have been wondering if there is anything special you can do to keep your man since you've heard or seen that despite the fact that some women have done what you can ever think of, yet, that didn't make their man stay with just them. 

It is the nature of human beings to be insatiable, we want more, when we get that more we still want another level of more, this is to show you that in life there is more to more. 

I have seen young girls sacrifice their body for longevity of relationship because they think the sexual intercourse will make him stay. 

This is just to tell you how some ladies reason; "men enjoy the sexual moment more", that is their conclusion, therefore they must satisfy him with it. 

For this, they will watch, ask and do research on the latest style just to satisfy him. 

May I ask one question? Why do most women pray for a man that last long in bed if it is only the man that enjoys that special moment more? 

Or why do you think many men try all they can to even satisfy their woman in bed if not for the same reason that is giving you (the women) sleepless night? 

Back to the topic of discussion, how to keep a man or even a woman is not contained in any manual, the fact that we are humans, it is a must we note that different things works for different people at the same time. 

Some things can only make you stay in his/your home with him and your kids for long apart from good love making, these includes: patience, good food and respect. 

It is never possible that you are inpatient and you want him to be with you for long as you will want to react to everything you see or hear without proper and concrete evidence. 

Men cannot stay with a woman that isn't patient, they will be conscious of everything because they don't want your trouble, you are not keeping him by so doing, you are only pushing him outside, to those who will give him that peace of mind as peace of mind is the dream of many man with their woman. 

Yes, women are not meant to be slaves to their man, this is not to say that you shouldn't be able to serve him good food at the appropriate time. 

As Africans, the stomach wins most men over to their woman, this is not to say it will keep him away totally from other ladies. I said Africans because many of my readers in the western world have told me times unnumbered that the woman being a good cook or not is never an issue with them. 

Respect is what any man desires from his woman. If you don't accord him the desired respect you are completely on your own because there are many woman praying to have what you are toiling with. 

More so, you need to appear nice and smell pleasant at all times for him to keep admiring you. Not until you go naked before he adores you when you aren't a prostitute. 

Not overlooking the effect of great love making experience among the married ones, it can keep him too. 

One truth is this, when you get him over satisfied during love making he will be tired to go naked with other women outside since you have drained his sexual energy . 

Lastly, all I have mentioned above can only guarantee you his loyalty for some periods, it takes grace for a man to be completely loyal. 
Like I usually tell those ladies who seek advise from me, it is better you are financially independent than relying on a man's loyalty, what about if he dies, aren't you gonna live your life with your offspring? 

Be financially independent and be respectful along as you plead from the God you serve to give him that grace to be completely loyal, it takes grace to keep a man, no manual will give you that needed ingredient as there is none except from grace and God's intervention as it is never easy to be loyal, not for just men but women too. 

This is my opinion, kindly make your contribution as it is important to me. 

Picture credit: Jeremy Wong

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