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The Amount Of Times You Can Forgive A Cheating Spouse

It is a known fact that Relationship Is For Those Who Are Willing And Ready To Forgive Each other but there must be limit to the extent of forgiveness as it will be taken for granted.

Apart from one or more characters of your spouse that you might find uneasy to contend with, i think cheating is the greatest crime one's spouse can commit which can warrant that extra ordinary spirit of forgiveness.

I know of someone whose women cheated on him for up to four times and he has been forgiving her, four times is nit cheating any more, it has become an attitude.

There is limit to everything in life, so also in relationship there is limitations to everything you do to your spouse.

If you cheat ones and your spouse forgives you, you should just count yourself to be lucky because many cannot forgive a cheating spouse.

It is not because of ego or anything but because there is limit to what everyone can accept.

For someone who cheated just ones it takes the intervention of the supernatural forces to be forgiven, and it shouldn't pass just that once.

If it is more than once, believe me it will continue because it has turned to attitude as your spouse will always have it at the back of his or her mind that you are a legend when it comes to forgiving.

Like i said in a post that divorce should not be the last resort to all marital troubles it doesn't mean that you should now turn yourself to complete fool all in the name of keeping your home.

Divorce may not be the last resort to marriage issues, but it is the ultimate solution to many other people's matrimonial challenges and no matter how hard they try to defend the union in the face of persecution they can never win that battle.

If your spouse cheat on you for the first time I think they deserve another opportunity to make it right.

Like a colleague made mention of a quote sometimes ago that fool me once, shame on you. Fool me again, shame on me.

And you will continue to be that lovely and romantic fool if you listen to another reason why your spouse cheated on you again when you know you are up and doing when it comes to your union.

I know that for some people the idea and reality of cheating is innate, hence, they will never stop even after you forgive them, if you know you cannot cope just give yourself a final break.

You are not worth that torment that comes along with a cheating spouse.
The thought of someone else over-smooching a woman you deal with gently in bed or the thought of another lady over-satisfying your man to the brim to the extent that he finds it hard to satisfy you when you are in the mood alone is enough to deal with you greatly. 

I trust you will not try that 77×77 times that the Holy book preaches for forgiveness as this is not that kind of offence you can apply such law for as you even find it so hard to forgive just once let alone 7 times.

After one more chance I don't think someone in his or her right senses should even smell cheat anymore, else, you will be taken for granted for life.

This is my opinion, kindly add your contributions as it is important to me.



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