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The Right Conversion Might Be Poisonous To Your Marriage

I watched my darling Toke Makinwa's latest vlog "the right conversion" and I think I need to let you know what i feel about it, you are free to criticize anyways.

This is all about money in a union or relationship. Money is important to keep a relationship going; no doubt about that.

She said women should stop doing what the man should do, that financial responsibilities belongs to the man, the super woman thing should be stopped by women. Watch here

Well, she made valid points, she even said in the beginning God made man and made them king over every other creations (in summary) forgetting that another woman caused man to do what he shouldn't have done that changed the plan of God for humanity. 

This alone is enough to make women see reasons why they must also be financially responsible a bit and ignore that fact that men should be completely financially responsible. 

I said in my current video that women shouldn't be treated like slaves, that men should assist their women the little way they can here but i think if Toke should say men should be completely financially responsible no matter the financial status of the woman, then women should do without a maid and should also be ready to do all house chores no matter if the man is busy or not.

One thing I will like everyone to note is that relationship differs from one couple to another, what works for one may not work for another and some other it might work for might even need to twist it a bit which means there is no general formula for a working union.

I know some men are not responsible, once a woman uses her money to cover up financial loopholes he will keep relying on her to continue forever.

I use to say no woman should accept a full house wife option, if it is not to assist the man so as to lessen the financial burden then the aim is defeated.

Not all men cheat, this is one fact every woman must know.

This is because Toke mentioned that some men will give the money to girlfriends while keeping the money away from the super woman at home because she has proven to be financially independent once.

I believe in collective responsibility and not individual brilliance. Like a comment in the video that husband and wife are one and should be united in their dealings, this is exactly how it should be.

This days we refer to old testament in the bible when we need a backup for abnormality, yet, when it is time for tithe in the church is when we will say tithe was mentioned in the old testament that grace is what the new testament preaches.

We are in the computer age, where we do things differently from the way our forefathers did it.

No crime in helping each other in a marriage. The woman should help the man financially while the man helps when it comes to house chores the little way he can.

Some men, no matter how hard they push it they may not be as successful as their woman; some will say God forbid, the truth is most men don't pray for such but we have many examples, and there is nothing anyone can do if it happens that way, will you say the wife should ignore the financial needs of the home? 

A responsible man will not rely on his woman for too long and will even appreciate the woman if it happens she is the one taking care of the financial aspect of the home.

What Toke said only confirmed why some men never wish their woman to be richer than them which i think is not a good idea.

Even if you ask your partner the greatest question before you start a relationship and he/she is able to give you great dreams as answers but is not destined to fulfill the whole dreams no matter how hard they try, who will you hold responsible?

Collective responsibility is what i think we should preach to each other for a union to last because of the economic situation most especially.

Doing one's part in a marriage also entails having the sense of collective responsibility in any marriage that want to go far.

Also, each union knows what works best for them, this i think will go far than any other advice someone else outside might give. 

Will you support that a woman should not share financial responsibility with her man? 

Please add comment and review. Your contributions is important to me.



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