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Divorce Should Not Always Be The Solution To Marital Troubles

I saw people blasting Toke Makinwa on a post on her twitter timeline about Jay Z " When is JayZ coming on Twitter oooo, we have some questions, he cheated on our queen, ha! My chewest! HOV is back ya'll" and it took me googling about celebrity marriages especially those that refused to crashed on the basis of cheat.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any search result for celebrity marriages in Nigeria that survived after cheat was detected, all i saw was endless list of celebrity marriages in Nigeria that cheat crashed. 

Going abroad, Bill and Hillary Clinton never gave up on their marriage after Bill had what he termed "inappropriate Relationship" with Monica Lewinsky.

Snoop Dogg and Shante even after Snoop Dogg admitted to have cheated several times never put an end to their marriage; They celebrated 21 years of their union of recent.

Even David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are still fine together after it was reported that Beckham had a fling with his personal assistant Rebecca Loos.

The list abroad is endless.

Coming home, Olu Jacobs and Joke Silver, Soni and Betty Irabor, Omotola Jalade and Matthew Ekeinde, Richard and Jumobi Mofe-Damijo, Fela and Tara Durotoye are all still some of the numerous celebrity couples who are still much more enjoying marital life after at least 5 years.

Come to think of it, some of those Nigerian celebrities i mentioned above started their marriage at an early age, and you cannot say one or more out of them have not experienced the case of cheat in the marriage but you can only know what they want you to know, they make use of the social media wisely unlike some others who allowed the social media to give their marriage hot slap.

Apart from the fact that they have taken their relationship out of social media they are also dealing with the temptations and other issues that might lead to divorce which many of us don't know and will never know, this is what we should call maturity and not those that will be happy to have started the marriage and before you say jack they will have started screaming i want divorce. 

Most times it is not the wish of your spouse to do things that will go against your marriage but it will have happened before they realise that they had made huge mistake.

Most people thinks marriage is as sweet and rosy like many people in marriage makes it to appear not knowing many are enduring so many things while many have given their spouse more than another chance.

It all depends on the dream you have for the marriage most times and determination as "Survival of a marriage depends on the  intention of the two involved, not the temptation that comes their way".

I am never in support of cheating, battery or other anti-marriage offences, but it is good to know that as human beings we are bound to make errors and it is divine to forgive each other especially lovers.

I think when someone accept his/her fault and is offering apology we should try and forgive, i don't really care if you forgive immediately or not because as humans that we are it will also be so hard to find a space in our heart to forgive certain offence.

It is not every issue that requires divorce, we should learn to manage since we could not decide to fall apart while courting, that same spirit that mate the courtship to culminate into marriage should also be activated to make the marriage work.

There is no successful marriage without one negative story or the other, it is not always rosy, we should learn to deal with the good, bad and ugly experiences of marriage.

We should always remember we are humans and boud to make mistakes and it could be anybody. 

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Picture credit:  Jenn Evelyn-Ann

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