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You Look More Beautiful When You Find Your Better-half

So happy this blog is growing with lots of youths being touched by the posts and counseling sessions day-by-day.

I knew when you are in love and your relationship is going as expected and even better than your expectations you look astonishingly beautiful and it will show all over you.

This was confirmed by someone i counseled when her relationship was going wrong, she yielded positively to the discussion we had and things turned around miraculously and i could see it all over her, this is my joy.

Why will you even stay in a relationship that you are getting nothing more than sadness each day from after several attempts to get things right?

What joy are you deriving in that relationship when the person you call your lover disregards you, when they feel they have seen all of you?

Your face can never hide how you feel about your relationship or even your marriage.

People will ask you when things are not fine and it is written all over you, they might not get the issue right but they will ask and only you or your confidant will know what you have told people about being stressed up or some other excuses were all formed when the truth is about your love life.

The aim of marriage is happiness even when we know that everyday will not be rosy, but when the two are in it together you will not even feel the thick cloud when it is staring at you.

If you are still courting and you are yet to point out a day without problem you really need to adjust, the possibility of having a wonderful and successful marriage is very slim.

Those that had lovely courting period are even struggling with their marriage let alone you that today the argument almost got you a slapped.

This is not just for ladies as there are some men that are being verbally abused by women just like some men don't just verbally abuse women but does physically too, they don't know the kind of words not to use for a someone you claim you love.

You might claim you love her while dating and accept the verbal abuse, believe me, when the familiarity is much you may not be able to bear it which might lead to serious issues in your marriage.

Courtship is the best time to try everything you can try to trim the partner to your taste and not the time for just sex escapades as this is the only area many of we youths of now a days lay emphasis on, we want to know if our partner can handle us well in bed.

When you are tired with the banging and all it will fall back to other departments of the relationship as you will get fed up with the love making soon than you expected, then, things you have been tolerating will become intolerable.

Do all in your capability to get the best out of your relationship, apart from you looking gorgeous you live longer when you are happy with your love life.

This is my opinion, please feel free to comment and review, your contribution is more than important to me.



Picture credit: Scott Webb

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