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7 Signs To Note When You Need To End A Relationship

So many relationships and its ups and downs, in fact, there is no relationship that will go smoothly like many will think it should.

In this post i will mention some of those signs you need to watch out for in order to know it's high time you ended the relationship.

1. When you agree to disagreement

When a day will never pass without the two of you having cause to argue which always end on a bad note as one is not ready to submit to the order, you really need to excuse yourself from such relationship.

I once said argument will make your relationship stronger, not when it happens everyday and not when no one submit ego to the other to reach a mutual conclusion as the conclusion determines the level of strength the argument will add to your relationship.

2. When your partner nags

Before you do anything your partner nags at you regularly, i think you need to respect yourself and give such person break because someone who loves you will not want you to be sad almost on a daily basis, he/she has lost the fire in the relationship with you, forcing it might cause more harm.

3. When they complain always

You were doing all perfectly before, but suddenly something new came up and your partner start making unnecessary complaints about what they want you to believe you are doing wrong while they are right, this itself is a clear evidence you are not wanted.

4. When they feel reluctant to help you like before

Before now they usually assist you to do stuffs probably when they come across them like buying things for you, helping you to get some works done and so on.

This only happens when the feelings is still much alive, when the feelings is dead they start giving you attitude, you don't have to force them to regain the feelings but you should rather let them go.

5. The moment your partner is not ready to apologize

You Shouldn't allow someone who is never apologetic to ruin your whole life for you.

There will be times you will need to apologize or get the apology from your lover, when they start feeling too big to apologize there is serious problem.

They think they are always right when it is obvious to the blind they are not. After you have spoken about it without positive response the door is still wide open.

6. When your partner start placing others above you

You are his/her lover and should be placed above any other person apart from his/her immediate family members.

once your partner gives priority to others continuously when you should get such priority he/she is showing you the way out already, you don't need more signs for you to know your time is up.

7. When your partner start giving excuses for not contacting you

In a serious relationship, you tell your partner almost everything which includes your movements and all.

So you know virtually every movement of your partner. When they stop contacting you all of a sudden and when you contact them either through call or social network and they start forming busy or giving you series of naughty excuses consecutively you need to show yourself the exit door honorably.

You can only know yourselves and modify yourselves for each other while courting and the biggest is to part ways when things are not going well or when you perceive the future holds nothing for the two of you together, this is one reason why you should keep your relationship on a low key in the beginning.

When you try to make it work when it is clear it can't you will just be chasing shadows of yourself and you will definitely regret ever loving someone dearly.

This is my opinion, your review and comment is highly welcome.



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