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8 Differences Between A Wife And A Girlfriend

We shouldn't get this twisted, there are large differences between wife and girlfriend which i will talk on in this post.

1. A wife is in love with you while a girlfriend has someone else she loves

Of course she will not be a wife without the deep feeling of affection. A girlfriend don't need to even love you before you start the affair with her.

2. Wife is about the future while girlfriend is for the present

A wife plans the future with you, she wants you to be rich and successful not just for your benefit but for her and the children too.

You are successful or not is not the business of the girlfriend so far you have fulfilled her need.

3. Wife is a life partner while a girlfriend is a contract staff

A wife is not just someone you will enjoy now and run from, it is a life contract you have signed with her.

Meanwhile, a girlfriend is a pleasure partner for specific period of time.

4. Girlfriend will not tell you all about her but a wife will do

For the fact that she is not your life partner she is even allowed to hide some secrets about her from you.

A wife will never hide from you no matter how embarrassing it may be as she knows the importance of trust and the effect of hiding secrets in a relationship.
5. Wife is always considerable while a girlfriend is often less concerned

The fact is that if you cannot give her what she want you cannot even try to move close to her.

A wife is ready to accept any condition you are as she knows no condition is permanent. She believes so much in your dreams.

6. A wife plan your future with you but a girlfriend only enjoy the moment with you.

A wife will always be focused on a great future with you. She plans about the children, your career, cars, your house and all other things a man must have to be able to compete with his peers in the society.

Girlfriend only want to collect what you have to fulfil other needs which might even include making the life of her real lover better.

7. A wife even help the ministry of the girlfriend

After all said and done, a wife plans the success of the man with him which after all the plans comes to play the girlfriend feeds on it because without the success the girlfriend cannot get what she want.

This is because in most cases girlfriend wants the money. Even the one that claims it is for sexual pleasure will feast on you when you have the cash on less she is collecting from somewhere else.

8. You seal the final deal with the wife while the girlfriend remains outside

Ofcourse she is in your house as your legal wife and she is recognized by all. 
The girlfriend stays outside and keeps it silent. 

This is my view of the issue, please add comment and review, it is important to me.



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