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Reasons Why A Real Lover Is Worth More Than Gold Nor Silver

When I say real love I am referring to love without stain. Complete love that is free of "clause". Natural and undiluted emotional feelings towards someone of different gender or the other way round(depending on your country).

I believe mature set of people are reading this, so let's read with mature mind.

Only you know the kind of emotional feelings you have towards your partner. 

Yes, you declare your love to them almost everyday, but the fact remains that only you can tell how much you love that person.

So many people will claim to love but all they bare within themselves is false love.

They will do everything possible to convince the partner that their love is true, but at the end you know the story.

When you have true love most of your problems are over.

With real love your companionship and confidentiality is guaranteed, your family is secured, your future is as sweet as honey and the peace you feel inside you will be unprecedented.

Do you know that even without much riches, when there is true love you can live far better than people with much money and no true love?

It is not only when you say "i love you" to yourselves that you really love yourselves but until you declare it through your actions.

When there is real love there is nothing you can't do for your partner, including those that we claim we can't do, that it is bizarre, though we mostly do them in the private.

But who cares about what you do to your partner in the private?

Your private time with your partner even speaks more volume of your love to your partner than the public confirmations.

Have you forgotten there are some women that were battered by their man before they left their homes, yet, they will appear outside to be more than fine that even you that is "finer" will be looking down on yourself.

Some men left their homes very sad due to the arrogance that is usually being displayed by their wives. And some are always sad to go back home after each day's stressful work, knowing that the food that will be on the dinning table will embarrass the feeding allowance they dropped (when the woman cannot cook good food).

Well, you can say true love will overlook things even when the wive lacks cooking ability. Have you forgotten that if you are able to win a man's belly you have won 80% of that man?

Let's concentrate...
Most times when a relationship is going haywire the answer to the problem(s) is always from what happens in the private.

This is to show that your privacy is what defines the true love in your relationship.

You wouldn't believe what some men are doing for their women because of love... This unbelievable show of love is what defines the extent of your love to your partner and those are what defines true love.

"I can't wash her undies", "i can't cook while my wife will sit down with heart touching stories", "why on earth will my husband be moping the tiles when i am home", bla bla bla... Excuse me, don't make us feel depressed, keep it to yourself, we know your kind... Nobody will murder you if you tell us that is what you do often.

You don't need all that outside, though you might want to say it so that people will know you are doing things the way they should be done.

Have you forgotten that you pray to God for favours that will break protocols?

When you love truly too you will also break protocols(privately most times).

A woman that truly loves a man will cover him even when his finance fails him. Who even cares when you drink garri(cassava) in your privacy and still look gorgeous outside.

No man will not be proud of a woman that supports him in his trying times.
I will say it again and you can quote bamisepeters anywhere that true love is defined by what you do with/to your partner in your privacy.

Those that usually seek true love are women, yet, some of them cannot fulfil the criteria of true love.

For you to seek true love you must be ready to be the true love someone else is looking for.

At times when you lack interactive manners, your partner might have series of thought in his mind which may oppose the supposed true love you claim to have for him.

This is to tell you that your manners also matters.

When you don't know the difference between talking to your partner and talking to your younger siblings, don't you think you will be hurting your partner's feelings with that?

You want to complain of your partner's misbehavior which he/she might not be aware of in the first place and you can't do it in a way that will make him/her to quickly adjust, i guess you know what can happen.

True love is not built in a day, it takes time, and it is you that will build it with your positive characters, manners, abilities etc. even before wealth is considered because it is also necessary to sustain(oil) the true love.

At times when you have someone that truly loves you, you have what money cannot buy.

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Picture credit: Elizabeth Tsung

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