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Eliminate your doubts and fears about love

No matter the circumstances, love deserves new chances.

There are different reasons people develop fears or doubts about love which includes: past relationship, rejection, commitment, intentions and so many other reasons.


Many people are developing fears and doubts about love due to what led to the sudden dessolution of their previous relationship. They are afraid of what might end the relationship they have not started.

The truth is that if you don't give room for love again, you might settle for inferior because you are afraid not to let what happened to you in the past to surface again when the best is already in your palms.

It is important to know that dwelling on the past or judging what to come in the future with the past might make you remain single.

Ask around, especially those that are married if the man/woman they settled down with is their first love.

Life is all about risk, and humans are not the same all through.

You might have ones in your life time done something that should make people to castigate you too but they overlooked it because they know as a human you are bound to make mistakes.

What happened that led to the destruction of you previous relationship might at the long run be for your own good because if it didn't happen you might end up blaming yourself for entering into a relationship with the person you were involved in the relationship with.


This is another reason some people fear or doubt love. The fear of being rejected by the person they love.

At times, some will be having deep concerns if the person is having the same feelings towards him/her.

Most time the person you have affection towards might not even share one tenth of your feelings towards you, but you are the one that will work your way into his/her heart. It might be a normal thing for men but seems abnormal but achievable for woman.

As i was saying, it is normal for the person you have feelings for to not have feelings for you at all, but you have to work your feelings into the person's heart before it can be reciprocated.
Take the bold step and make your intention known directly(the man) or indirectly(the woman).

You will be making a huge mistake of not making your intention known to the person because someone else might also be growing feelings for that same person your feelings is pointing at.
No one will slap or jail you for declaring love intentions to someone you are sure is as single as you are.

And you mustn't expect that the person will give you a straight yes because even if the person has feelings for you prior your declaration, courtesy demands that the person (which is a woman in most cases) at least shouldn't say a YES for the first time so that you (the man) will not take her for granted for the rest of her life (though it's African mentality).

Expect that she will make you go through thorough scrutinization just for you to cherish her long run decision.


Some other people are too committed and fear that love can shift the commitment they have for the thing they are committed to.

Why should you even fear love due to your commitment? Have you forgotten that there is a man for every woman and a woman for every man?

No matter how committed you might be to something there will be the right opposite sex for you who will not only accept you with what you are committed to but also make the commitment greater than your imagination (provided the thing you are committed to is profitable to him/her).

There are differences when you have someone supporting the growth of your commitment in something and there is this inner happiness that comes with you having someone backing your commitment. 

Give love a chance and feel the difference.

Intentions :

The last point in my list is the intention of the person you claim to love towards you if it is genuine or not.

I previously mentioned that life is all about risk.

It shouldn't be your business to know if your lover's intention towards you is genuine or not.

No matter how good someone might be in pretending one day light will come upon the darkness.

Your fear is that it might be late when the truth will come out.

The fact is that you don't have option than to trust the person you claim you love.

Though you might be calculative in love but you mustn't let your calculation to tamper with your relationship.

You must try to give your relationship the best it deserves so that even if anything will go wrong you will not be at fault.

Don't allow your thought of your lover's intentions to overshadow your thinking faculty because you might not recover from the psychological effect.

The best way to live life is to learn to love. Love is beautiful and worth experiencing. There is a sense of accomplishment when you love and you are loved in reciprocation, don't be left out of the love experience.

Have i missed out any point? Please feel free to add your point in the comment box here(Google+) or the link provided. It will be highly appreciated...

See you again next time...

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